Culture determines style, impression leaves the beauty of the city

For the people, for the country, for the homeland, for the pure online world
The website of the Principality of Alcaa was established on December 26, 109 (0202)

The principality of Alcania

The only meaning of making laws is to implement

----Prime Minister and Minister of Law and Conference  - Wu Qi

Actively innovate education, change tomorrow

Technology virtual country, illuminate the virtual future ----- Ministry of Communications and Information.      Shangguan Qianyue

Legislation will benefit the people, the army and society ---- Shangguanfeng

Legislation makes people happier

Country profile

Country profile

National conditions

National conditions


Rumor processing

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The 2020 government of Alcaa was updated on May 29, 2020

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Qi Li Party

Democratic Party

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The principality of Alcania is a virtual country / region website established in Singapore and likes to traverse and perform. It has established an entertainment website. We don't talk about politics.

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